Organic Kitchen Items


Made in the USA w/certified organic materials grown in the US — NOT imported
2 Dish Towels $ 18.00
2 Gauze Towels $ 14.00
4 Napkins $ 30.00
2 Placemats reversible $ 30.00
Apron $ 35.00
Pot Holder 8 x 9 $ 15.00
Kitchen Mitt $ 25.00

These long Pima cotton grown on small family owned farms is 100% U.S. certified organically grown in the USA and GMO free. Organic farming is responsible farming. Neither chemical pesticides nor chemical fertilizers are used, thus eliminating contamination of the Land, Water and Air. These farmers rotate crops helping to eliminate plant diseases and pests.

Don’t settle for less than made in the USA with materials grown in the USA.